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Website Template Designs: WorldClassSite123 

For those organizations that don’t have the budget to invest in a custom designed website, we offer WorldClassSite123 (WCS123).
With WCS123, it’s easy as 1,2, 3!  You can combine the best of both worlds - all at an affordable price:
  1. Professionally designed. We offer a selection of professionally designed templates that do NOT look like templates.
  2. Functionality Management System (FMS). Your website will be built on our FMS platform, designed to give you full control over the content - and functionality - of your website.
  3. Lots of extras and options. While you can start with the basics, we offer all the extras and options you'll need as your organization grows and changes.

How it works

You provide your logo, menu, page content and search engine optimization (seo) content, and we’ll provide:
  • Animation with up to four rotating panels (introductory offer only!)
  • A variety of templates 
  • Customized color scheme
  • Dynamic, drop down menu with up to 10 main menu tabs
  • Complete site setup
  • Hosting included
  • Email sign up form
  • Content Management System capability
  • Unlimited ability to make changes to your site with no technical skills required
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Training on how to maintain your website
  • Reporting and website statistics
  • Embedded Meta Content using your content (keywords, meta description, tags, and other search optimization fields)
  • Ability to incorporate text, photos, graphics, audio, video, links
  • Ability to post attachments (e.g., PDFs)
  • Option to collect payments/donations online
  • Inner page complimentary stock photos (limitations apply)
We’re the ONLY low cost, world class website solution that offers this much customized flexibility! And WE do the setup work for YOU. Contact us for pricing plans and options.
Call or text 310-947-8511