Branding and Your Logo 


Branding is when someone sees your name, logo, or logo icon and it evokes a "knowing" about what you do.  For example, "Coke" evokes a carbonated beverage that is fun to drink. "Red Cross" evokes an organization coming in to help local people during a disaster or a place for giving blood.

What does your name, logo or icon evoke when your constituents see or hear it?

Branding Services
We will work to ensure your brand is successfully represented by ensuring you have the following:
Logo: A logo that is memorable and represents what you do or represents a feeling.
Logo icon: When possible, it is ideal to have an icon by which constituents can visually identify you.

We’d love to help - check out our samples of other logos we’ve created:

Do you need a new logo or, perhaps, do you need to upgrade your current logo? 
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