Google Ad Grants Program

Google Grant  is a program created specifically for nonprofits. This program can actually serve two purposes: (1) it can be used as a search engine optimization tool (as a way to help more people find you through Google search) and (2) it can also be used to launch specific fundraising campaigns.

How Google Ad Grants works

The program - in short - is a nonprofit version of Google Ad Grants. When you run an Adword campaign (otherwise known as a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign), you buy certain keyword terms, for example, “medical research”; you post the term in an ad; and you pay Google a fee whenever someone clicks on your ad with the keyword term.

Thus, many companies use Google Ad Grants both for advertising and for driving traffic to their website. And, because keyword terms are also used in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts, the use of PPC campaigns - which can be cost effective, highly measurable and relatively fast - can also serve as research or as a testing ground for determining which keyword terms might also be most effective for your SEO efforts.

To summarize, the Google Ad Grants program is essentially the same thing as a Pay-Per-Click campaign, with one notable difference … Google doesn’t require you to pay for the clicks (certain restrictions exist). In fact, most Google Ad Grant programs can run ads and get free clicks with a value of up to $10k and, in some cases, up to $40k.

“Pay-per-click remains one of the most effective means of attracting a large volume of qualified traffic.  Our experience suggests that the best way to begin your primary search engine work is to create an effective PPC campaign. We generally use the data from this campaign to prepare all of our other search engine plans. It can be the least expensive and most data-rich testing platform.” Marketing Experiments,

How we help you with Google Ad Grants

Not sure where to start or how to implement the program? That’s where we'll help you:

1) Apply for the grant
2) Receive as much as possible of the $10K/mo. in free AdWords you're entitled to
3) Use those AdWords to help you get lots more online leads, conversions, and revenue.
4) Manage the entire campaign including managing adwords, strategy, ad development, landing page recommendations, and measurement/analysis.

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