Do-It-Yourself with Help (DIYHelp):  Social Media and Blog Training 

About DIYHELP Training

Not your typical “training” … we give away our secret sauce!

But more than that, we help your "do-it-yourself" (DIY) program succeed. Most of the time DIY programs don't work because you don't have access to getting clarifications or having questions answered. That's where we come in ... we're your DIY partner ready to give you the help you need.

You can search through hundreds of marketing websites, you’ll be hard pressed to find marketing training programs like ours. Why?

Because most organizations don’t WANT you to know the full story of how they do it! The general consensus is “if you know how to do it, you won’t pay them to do it”. So they share bits and pieces of how it is all done without really giving you enough information on how to put the pieces all together into a cohesive program that you can then efficiently run.

We’ll let you in on the “secret sauce” … the REAL KEY to social media is the day in, day out content creation. So, if your organization wants Mad Marketeer to run that process for you … we can (see Marketing Services)! But if you have the manpower to run this internally … we can train you on how to do it RIGHT!!!

DIYHELP: Social Media and Blog Training

This is one of the most comprehensive, easiest to implement and "tell all" training programs you'll find!

As part of this training, we’ll create, setup, implement and train you on a proven system to find and create content, post to your social media (and blog), build followers, and track results.
Here is what is included:
TechSoup and Google for Nonprofits/You Tube for Nonprofits

Google Analytics

Setup and train:
Tracking Baseline and Reports system

Strategize and create:
     - Follower Profile
     - Posting Schedule
     - Topics and Content Worksheet 
Strategize, setup, and optimize:
     - Facebook (organization page)
     - Twitter
     - LinkedIn (company page)
     - Instagram
     - Pinterest 
Setup,implement and train on the following software:
     - Social media posting software
     - Twitter software to grow followers
     - Publications and curation management
Tips and recommendations:
Get information on tools to easily create graphics and videos to make your posts engaging and stand out from the rest.

Three Months Ongoing Support After Setup:
We monitor and provide feedback on your postings and progress.
Your investment in this training will not only result in an efficient social media program for your organization, but will save you untold hours and resources if you were to try to figure out how to do this on your own. We look forward sharing our valuable expertise with you!

Are you interested in learning the "secret sauce"? Are you ready to ramp up and launch your social media and blog campaigns? You can Do-It-Yourself with Help from Mad Marketeer! Let's get started!
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