Online Advertising

An important facet of your marketing plan is to try to “get in front of” the people that may be interested in your work or nonprofit. One way of getting much needed exposure is Online Advertising. For nonprofits, the two most commonly used forms of Online Advertising are:
1. Google Ad Grants (essentially like a Pay-Per-Click campaign)
2. Facebook Advertising

Google Ad Grants (Pay-Per-Click Campaign)

A Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is one in which an organization posts an ad on Google and, then, pays for that ad EACH time someone clicks through on the ad. Studies show that PPC campaigns tend to be cost effective and highly measurable.

The nonprofit version of the PPC program is called Google Ad Grants. Because this program is successful in driving prospects, many nonprofits apply for and implement it. Thus, Google Ad Grants are a “no brainer” for most nonprofits (some nonprofits are not eligible for the program, such as religious organizations) because it is a no or low cost option. See Google Ad Grants to learn more.

Facebook Advertising

Another very popular program is Online Advertising on Facebook. Like with Google placing ads on pages where someone is searching on something relevant to what you are promoting, Facebook is placing ads on pages where someone matches a profile or has an interest in the topics you are promoting. And, like Google ads, Facebook ads have documented a lot of proven successes.

What We Do

For both types of Online Advertising campaigns, Mad Marketeer will manage the entire campaign including strategy, ad development, landing page recommendations, and measurement/analysis.

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