Our Instant Analysis Audits


Instant Analysis Audit - What We Do

These audits consist of the following:

  • Report: After you submit your website URL, we run a detailed report providing you with an "audit" of your current situation, strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement and recommendations.
  • Consultation: Along with the report, you receive a 60 minute consultation during which we explain your audit report and address any followup questions you have about the report and our recommendations.

Who This Helps

These audits are designed for nonprofits that want feedback and insights about how to improve their website and marketing programs, but have a very limited budget. You get a detailed report, along with the opportunity to speak with experts to address any concerns or questions you may have based on the report.

These audits are also for organizations with established marketing programs that simply want a fresh pair of eyes and feedback, without investing in a full-fledged consulting gig.

Instant Analysis Audits Available

Current audits available include the following:

  • Instant Analysis Audit for Websites
  • Let us know if you'd like a customized audit

Interested in an Instant Analysis Audit? Contact us and we’ll send you details of pricing and what’s included in each analysis.
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