Website Landing Pages

Imagine you are looking for a pair of black boots, so you go into Google and start your search of “black boots”. Now, imagine you click the first link on the page and it takes you to a page - not of boots - but running shoes! Most likely - rather than dig through the website trying to find the boots - you’ll go back to the search list and look for a link that takes you to what you actually WANT.

The same is true for any search, including non-profit related topics. If someone is looking for information on child development programs or clean water or visual impairment, they are likely not interested in being “dumped” on the homepage of your website (or worse, the donate page). They want to go straight to the information that is relevant for their search.

Thus, part of your marketing and website strategy should clearly think through and develop “landing pages” that, essentially, are “niche” pages designed to directly address or answer information on topics of importance to your constituents and, thus, the topics that they are most likely searching on.

The bottom line is a “landing page” strategy should go hand-in-hand with your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

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