Art of Giving Art [For Clients AND Non-Clients]


We'd like to invite ALL NONPROFITS to be a part of Art of Giving Art - a unique program where YOUR nonprofit gets a generous donation of up to 40% with every purchase.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! And you don’t even need to be a client to participate!

Here’s how it works:
We’ve created an elegant fundraising online store spotlighting the works of artisans nationwide - that we embed into ANY nonprofit’s website (at no charge to your nonprofit).This Plug-and-Play online store offers a unique selection of curated works and products that you and your visitors can buy for gifts, home decor and more!

Here is a sample of one of the stores: Art of Giving Art Sample Online Store

Not only does every purchase mean a donation for your nonprofit, but purchases also support artists, authors, craftspeople, jewelers and innovative small business owners -- all while "doing good" and making a difference.

Here is what is great about this program:

  • Inexpensive.
In fact, this program is completely FREE for nonprofits!
  • Helps drive website traffic.
This program gives visitors a reason to come - and return - to your website. Even better, while many fundraising programs kick visitors off your own website to a third party website, this programs keeps them on YOUR website.
  • Lucrative.
All you need to do is spread the word to all your employees, volunteers and constituents and you’ve got the potential to easily raise thousands of dollars.
  • Little time to implement.
In fact, Mad Marketeer does most of the heavy lifting, including all the administrative work including vetting vendors, adding new merchandise, and processing payments.
  • Plug-and-Play.
This program works on ANY website. With a few minutes of simple code, Art of Giving Art is instantly on YOUR website, ready to go!
  • Free marketing.
Besides the free eStore we embed in your website, we provide free marketing materials including email templates, postcard graphics, videos to post online, and help with social media campaigns for the program.

Art of Giving Art is a WIN-WIN for everyone involved - including the customers that feel good about buying something where a big chunk of the sale goes to your nonprofit!

We'd love to tell you more!  We are looking forward to your participation in this exciting program!
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