For Executives Only: Making Better Website Strategy Decisions

Are you an Executive Director, CEO, or other executive who needs to make website-related decisions?

You probably weren’t hired for your tech savvy-ness or familiarity with websites.  Yet, you may be asked to make strategic decisions regarding building, rebuilding, driving traffic to, and boosting the results of your website.

In this program - designed for senior executives to learn how to make key website decisions - you’ll learn:
  • The 7 key components of a website
  • The importance of having a website with lots to SEE and lots to DO
  • What website platforms you should consider, and pros and cons of each
  • Setting expectations of what is involved in building a website
  • Strategies for quick vs. thorough, low budget vs. investment websites
  • How to have a website that makes you money, not costs you money
  • Deciding what content and functionality to include in your website
  • What is involved in search engine optimizing your website
  • The symbiotic relationship between your website and Google Ad Grants
  • How to have a site that you or anyone you designate – without technical skills or training – can easily maintain – including the simple things like text, images, and links, plus more complex components like functionality, design, navigation, security, reporting, SEO, administration, and more
  • The importance of collecting money securely WITHIN your site, not on a 3rd party site – and how to implement 
  • Strategic website reporting, analysis, and decision making

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