For Executives Only: Making Better Marketing Plan Decisions

While your executive staff and managers are tasked with overseeing the marketing and fundraising function for the organization, many nonprofits don’t actually have a marketing plan. In fact, the very staff responsible oftentimes doesn’t have the marketing expertise or background to create an effective plan. 
To complicate matters, there are thousands of marketing, social media, search engine optimization and public relation agencies, articles and books all telling you to do something different. In some cases, vendors want you to be confused so you’ll “need” their services. So how do you sort through all of this information, advice and “help”? How do you make intelligent, informed decisions about what you want or don’t want when it comes to marketing? And how do you do all of this within the nonprofit’s limited budget and resources? 
That’s where our “For Execs Only” training can help! This training helps you understand the entire “Universe of Marketing Possibilities” and, more importantly, how to translate all these possibilities into a specific plan that utilizes the elements that work best for your organization - both in the short term and long term.
Our approach is to help you understand:
  • The foundational programs that every organization should invest in
  • Understanding the role of different marketing initiatives, eg., what things help you grow traffic, improve search engine results, increase conversions, etc.
  • Understanding mission, hook statement, tagline, company description, competitive differentiators/USP, menu/navigation, target profiles, etc.
  • The role of your communications strategy
  • How to use this information in making decisions about programs, vendors, etc.
  • How to use this information in making decisions about communications, branding, etc.
  • The best avenues for promoting your nonprofit
  • The fundamentals of a content management strategy
  • Tools you need for marketing implementation (project management, customer relationship management system, etc.)

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