About Our “For Executives Only” Programs

For Executive Directors, Executive Staff and Managers

Do you need to make marketing decisions about your organization, but don’t feel qualified to make those decisions?

In our work with thousands of nonprofits over the past 15 years, one thing we’ve learned: Marketing is an enigma for most nonprofits. They don’t know how to create a plan, what should go in a plan, the pro’s and con's of different marketing tactics, and where it is worthwhile investing budget.

Quite frankly, many marketing companies, consultants and freelancers like it this way. One of the challenges of this industry is there are no standards or certifications. Anybody can proclaim they "do" seo or social media or websites. The problem is that many - if not most - don't have the knowledge, training or expertise to be running marketing programs. 

So, by keeping you in the dark, you may not hire the best solution or the best firm for your organization. By keeping you confused, you can’t properly measure or track whether they’re doing what they’ve promised they would do. Because of this, there is a lot of money wasted by nonprofits.

The Solution

We've created a series of high-level training programs designed specifically for Executive Directors, other Executives, Marketing Directors and Marketing Managers. We give you just enough understanding and detail that you learn what you need to know to make sound marketing decisions.

Are you an executive or manager that needs to make marketing decisions? We'll help you get up-to-speed so decisions are no longer guesswork. Contact us for more information.
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