Email Marketing

Why email?!

Email is THE channel generating the highest marketing ROI.
Email ranks as the most effective channel for acquisition and retention.
Email is 40x more effective at generating new clients than even social media.
Email budgeting has shown as much as a 50% boost in sales.

Yet, the most common response when we talk about email with clients is “isn’t email bad because it’s considered spam?”

The truth is that email is PROVEN to be one of the best, if not THE best, marketing tactic you can use. But the success is driven by your email list - and by ensuring a clean list (i.e., recipients have opted in).

What we do

We can help create and implement your email campaign from start (strategy) to finish (blast off!) including:
  • Email address collection strategies (including identifying donors, clients, prospects, community leaders, state/local politicians, press/media, etc.)
  • Email list setup and management
  • Campaign strategy (one-time email, monthly campaigns, etc.)
  • Email content development
  • Email design, setup, and send

Your email campaign is instrumental in building awareness and educating your constituents, as well as letting everyone know what’s new. We work with you to get YOUR message to the people YOU want to reach.

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